Welding Courses

TIG Welding Techniques (Basic) A credit bearing skills programme offered on a full-time basis (1 MONTH). The structure of the course focuses on the skills and knowledge required to service, maintain, repair or manufacture a product by using techniques, hand skills and tools for gas tungsten arc welding processes (TIG).

CO2 . Brief description of Job roles: CO2 welder also known as GMAW welder, reads fabrication drawing, examines parts to be welded, cleans them and sets joints with clamps or any other suitable device. … Connects preheater when CO2 is used as shielding gas.( 1 MOTNH)

ARC – SMAW – SHIELDED METAL ARC WELDING (STICK) SKILLS (1 MONTH ) … training the student is to perform bridge code welds and other related structural work. This course prepares students for the pipe welding program. Other areas of study include safety and equipment maintenance, oxy-acetylene and plasma cuttingtraining.

ALUMINIUM WELDING. duration 1 month

This course provides a comprehensive overview of the proper techniques and theory based knowledge of welding Aluminum using the Gas Metal Arc WeldingG.M.A.W. (MIG) and the Gas Tungsten Arc Welding G.T.A.W. (TIG) processes. Previous welding experience in MIG and TIG is required.

GAS CUTTING TOURCH. duration 1 week.

Oxy-fuel cutting uses acetylene and oxygen to preheat metal to red hot and then uses pure oxygen to burn away the preheated metal. … The primary uses today arewelding, brazing and cutting. This course describes the basic concepts of oxy-fuel welding and cutting including what equipment and safety precautions are needed.

DOUBLE CODED WELDING. duration 2 months

To put it simply, a coded welder is someone who has completed a Welder Approval Test in a specific welding configuration. Each method is specific to a certain job in hand, some codes are more general and some are very specific.

Usually, a welding specification is provided for the job which you then need to qualify to that specification. This means the welder will provide a welding sample that mirrors the job as closely as possible. This is then examined by an approved test examiner to see if the welder is capable of doing the job. If the welder passes, he/she is then considered to be Coded to that specification.

Being Coded in a certain specification does not mean you are qualified in another, even though you are Coded. Each specification requires testing and examining, becoming a multi-coded welder.

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