Diesel Mechanic

Diesel mechanics inspect, keep up and repair diesel engines for car dealerships, private garages and repair shops. … Diesel mechanics deal with everything From routine oil changes to full engine rebuilds. Diesel mechanics have to understand the vehicles electrical system, engine, and all of its working parts


The certificate course qualifies the student with the basic theoretical skills necessary to enter in to the field of diesel mechanics.

  • Specific Outcomes:
  • Understanding the fundamentals of practical diesel mechanics.
  • Identify and understand work habits and practices.
  • Identification of various hand tools as well as workshop tools.
  • Understanding and identification of the pars of diesel engine.
  • Identification and understanding of lubrication systems.
  • Applications of basic calculations for mechanics.
  • Identification and understanding of cooling, air intake and exhausts.
  • Drawings and freehand sketching of various diesel engine components.
  • Understanding and identification of electrical systems for diesel engine.
  • Identification, reading and application of measuring instruments.
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