Boilermaking courses

A boilermaker is a trained tradesperson who produces steel fabrications from plates and tubes.

The name originated from craftsmen who would fabricate boilers, but they may work on projects as diverse as bridges to blast furnaces to the construction of mining equipment.[1]

They are involved in the fabrication, construction, installation, assembly, erection, demolishing, repair and maintenance of boilers, vessels, tanks, towers, hoists and other structures, fixtures, and ancillary equipment[2].

The trade of Boilermaker evolved from the industrial blacksmith and was known in the early 19th century as a “boilersmith“. The involvement of boilermakers in the shipbuilding and engineering industries came about because of the changeover from wood to iron as a construction material.

we have basic boilermaking.  1 month  , semi skilled  3 months , skilled 6-8 months .

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